From the Silicon Alley to the Silicon Wadi

I have been living in New York City for the last three and a half years, studying, working, and just enjoying being part of one of the greatest cities in the world. This week will be my last in New York before I move to Israel, and I thought that I should pay this great city a small tribute for everything that it offered me by sharing some of my experiences as well as the many resources that I discovered.

New York city is know the world over as being a hub for finance, marketing, fashion and media companies in addition to being home to many top law, consulting and accounting firms. From the Silicon Valley to the Silicon Wadi - InfographicBut, over the past few years, NY has begun to emerge as a leading city when it comes to start-ups as well, raking fifth behind the likes of Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv*. There are tons of amazing companies like, ShutterStock, Tumblr, Warby Parker, and Google (which has its Second biggest office in the US in NY) that call NY home. Additionally, many Israeli start-ups including, TayKey, Outbrain, MakerBot (owned by Israeli 3D printing giant, Stratasys), WeWork and about 200 others have offices in the city. For more Israeli start-ups, check out Guy Franklin’s website, Israeli Mapped in NY, that maps out Israeli companies in the city (It was featured on CNN a few weeks ago, check out the article here) .

Besides having a bunch a great companies, NY has seen a major growth when it comes to funding new start-ups. Venture capital firms like Spark Capital, Gotham, Thrive Capital, ffVentures, First Round Capital, Union Square Ventures and crowd-funders like NY based Kickstarter, and Israeli OurCrowd (which just opened a NY office and has raised $60M for 46 different companies) have raised  billions of dollars to help fund new companies in New York. However, this combination of lots of companies and a bounty of funding is just one small part of the Silicon Alley’s success.

What really makes the New York so great for start-ups, and students alike is the ecosystem that has grown around the funders and their companies. On a given night there are countless meetups all over the city, and lots of great resources and events, many of which I highlighted in a previous post titled NYC Universitybut I will give a quick update here:


These events and groups are all in addition to the amazing cultural events, Broadway shows, concerts, restaurants, parks, shopping, and other attractions that come together to make New York City a great place to work and live. I had a great time in New York and will miss it, but I am very excited to be moving from the Silicon Alley to the Silicon Wadi!**


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* According to a report by the Startup Genome as quoted by Tech Crunch.

** Wadi is Arabic for valley, but is commonly used in Hebrew as well. The Silicon Wadi usually refers to Tel Aviv, the surrounding cities and Israel as a whole, that has become home to some of the most innovative companies ans start-ups in the world.




From the Silicon Alley to the Silicon Wadi
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