Israeli Tech Update

This is what I hope to be the first of many posts that will provide updates on the Start-Up Nation in addition to other pieces of news and articles on business & entrepreneurship, technology, VC & finance, and other interesting things that I may come across.

Gov. Nathan Deal and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel (Image Source: Gov. Deal’s Facebook page)

-Having lived in Atlanta, Georgia most of my life, it was nice seeing that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has been in Israel for the last few days on a business mission with the hopes of further strengthening the economics ties between Israel and the State of Georgia. He has met with business leaders and politicians, including the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu read more about the trip here.

-According to Reuters there are over 90 Israeli companies listed on the NASDAQ, placing Israel in third just behind the US and China. This week the Israeli cyber-protection firm CyberArk filed for an IPO on the NASDAQ, while Mobileye, a company that makes crash avoidance systems for cars, filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Excahnge. Read more about the CyberArk IPO here, and more about about Mobileye’s IPO here. Also, while I am talking about Mobileye, make sure to watch the video below that shows two guys putting Mobileye’s pedestrian detection system to the test in their Volvo S60s.

-Now for something a bit more science fiction… Israel Aerospace Industries signed a deal with skyTran to build a magnetic levitation high-speed elevated personal transit system at IAI’s corporate campus near Tel Aviv University. For more info read Israel21C’s article here.

Space age transportation comes to Tel Aviv.

-If you have heard anything about the start-up scene over the past few years, then it is likely that you have heard about how important VC’s (venture capital funds) are to the industry. However, VC’s are only a small part of the start-up world, and may not even be the best way of investing moving forward. With the continued growth of private equity, the development of crowd funding platforms (like the Israeli equity crowd funding platform Ourcrowd), VC is not as big and efficient as many people may think.  Check out this article on TechCrunch to learn some interesting realities about VC’s.

-I came accross this video by Bloomberg on an Israeli desalination company that not only provides many countures with fresh drinking water, but also uses thier technology to make snow.

-Lastly, if you happen to be in New York on Tuesday, July 8th please feel to stop by a Meetup that I am hosting at the Wix Lounge in midtown with my company, CoolaData, and Google Cloud. The event will be on big data and behavioral analytics and will be followed by networking, food, and cold beer. For more info and to sign up go to the Meetup page here.

If you come across any interesting news or have anything that you would like me to include in my next post please let me know.

Israeli Tech Update
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