Israel Tech Update (7/14)

– The last few weeks have been quite hectic in Israel, but that has not slowed the “Start-up Nation” down. One major reason for this is the Iron Dome missile defense system that has been keeping Israel safe from Hamas rockets since 2011. Developed by Rafael Systems, the system has been a massive success (and according to some, too successful as it has allowed Israel to avoid finding a more permanent solution), and was developed in a very Israeli way.
The entire system took less than four years to develop, something that is unheard of when it comes to military hardware, and it is highly up-gradable and cost effective, receiving software updates more often than the typical iPhone and using the same parts that can be found in some toy cars. When it was put into the field in 2011 in southern Israel it had not been fully proven, so the developers used the constant rocket barrage from Hamas as a real world test. The system quickly proved itself during operation Pillar of Defense and it continues to keep Israel safe from terrorist rockets that threaten Israeli civilians every day.

Adam Fisher, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners‘ Israel office wrote a great post on TechCrunch about the changing landscape of the Israeli start-up and tech scenes. He discusses how Israeli M&A and IPO’s have increase year after year, and how founders are now looking to build bigger companies before exiting, in addition to some other great insights.

-Forbes recently published a list of 25 Israeli companies to keep an eye on, from Kickstarter backed SCiO, to BillGuard and Moovit. Check out the whole list here.

-A while back Yo, a zero-characters communication tool, generated a lot of noise in the VC world when they raised over $1 million for an app that many people called worthless. However, Or Arbel, Yo’s fonder, is looking to prove them wrong and is starting to look for business. Check out the article on Forbes here.

-The World Cup may be over, but there are still lots of other events coming up, including the next World Cup in Russia. Check out these Israeli start-ups that are changing the way we play sports.

Other News

  • See how Waze is using the data it collects to help governments – Forbes
  • IBM opens technology accelerator in Petah Tikva – Times of Israel
  • Israeli/ Canadian developer, David Azrieli z’l passed away last week- Forbes

Deal’s, Acquisitions & IPO’s

NYC Meetup
Data Analytics Meetup at the Wix Lounge in NYC

-On Tuesday last week I hosted a MeetUp at the Wix Lounge in New York. The CEO of CoolaData spoke about behavioral analytics to a great crowd. There will hopefully be more Meetups in the future, so make sure to keep an eye on my blog if you are interested in attending.

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Israel Tech Update (7/14)
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