Ilan is the Deputy Commander of the Israeli Air Force Innovation Department, where he co-founded the IAF Accelerator (the first of its kind in any military in the world). He founded three companies, worked in venture capital (at Greylock IL & Elevator Fund), runs the Israel VC Discussion Forum, and volunteers with a number of nonprofits (including Taglit-Birthright Excel, the Kairos Society and YJP).

He lives in Israel, attended the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University in New York, grew up in Atlanta, and is originally from South Africa. Ilan is an avid photographer, runner, maker, tech-junkie and life-long learner. He is always happy to hear new ideas and help out however he can (so feel free to contact him with any requests or questions at ilan [at] venturingcapitalist.com).

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